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Automatic Reminders

To ensure you do not miss the submission deadline, you will receive email and text reminders prior to your inspection due date. Additionally, electronic records will be available in case you misplace your copy.

Budget Friendly

Offering affordable pricing to all customers of Nassau County, Long Island. Receive $10 off your first backflow preventer test!

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Eperienced in working with industry-leading backflow management systems, including BSI, Track My Backflow, and VEPO Crossconnex. Your paperwork is reviewed and filed with the right water department.


Watts tk-9a backflow preventer test kit

Backflow Preventer Testing

Nassau County in Long Island, NY, demands backflow testing on a yearly basis to ensure water is safe to consume. As a certified NYS backflow tester, I will ensure that your device is tested properly and submit all paperwork required by the county. Additionally, records of your test are safely kept in case you need a copy in the future.

Water bacteria examination

Landscaping Services COMING SOON!

We are working on partnership with landscaping companies to provide you with the best services!

sprinkler repair and installation

Sprinkler Installation & Repair Service

A broken sprinkler system can cause a lot of damage and turn out expensive. Not giving proper maintenance to a sprinkler system ruin your landscake, leak over time and increase your water bill. I've partnered with knowledgable individuals that specialize in sprinkler systems and are able to deliver quality services. Call Roberto for sprinkler inqueries (516) 451-7816. Click here to learn more!

sprinkler winterization and turn on

Spring Turn on & Fall Winterization

Your sprinkler system is a complex system not to be messed with. Turning on your sprinkler system is not simply allowing the water to flow, this should include checking for leaks, ensuring that your backflow device is not damaged and delivery of adequate water to your lawn. Also, Proper winterization by a professional is recommended in the fall to blow out all the remaining water in the system. Click here to learn more!

Female drinking water

Residential Testing

It's very important that house owners take serious responsibility in ensuring that their potable water is safe to use. Performing a backflow test on a yearly basis will bring peace of mind knowing that the water beign consumed is safe from contaminants that may harm your family.

certified backflow tester

More about Backflow Testing

As a home or business owner, you may not be aware of backflow prevention procedures. Click here, to learn more about backflow, and how to prevent it.

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Commercial Testing

Businesses that recently installed a backflow device or already contain a backflow device are responsible to have their device tested by a certified NYS backflow tester like me.

Watts tk-9a backflow testing kit

Testing Done Right

Safeguarding the public water system is an essential part of my mission to protect public health. By utilizing the most up-to-date techniques and equipment to perform backflow prevention tests. With knowledge on how to use online systems like BSI, Trackmybackflow and VEPO, you can rest assure that your tests are well handled.

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