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carlos beltran backflow

I am a resident of Nassau County, Long Island. I love my community and I look forward to making it a better place. I graduated from Queens College with a bachelors in computer science. As an engineer, I look into ways to make things that work, work smarter utilizing technology. Becoming a backflow tester has allowed to learn more about the water service industry. Every test I perform, I carefully analyze the situation and record the procedure data. This data will be used to improve the testing process to better assist customers and provide excellent service.

Self study and Research

I was taught that when trying to provide a service one does not only need to learn the job but also study the field one is going in. I've taken the time to research how the componets of a backflow device work, the proper testing equipment, and most importantly what are the risks that run when a backflow device is malfunctioning.

Additionally, I've partnered with sprinkler service, plumbing company, and landscaping company to better assist you with anything gardening related services. Feel free to reach out to me or to them individually.

Lastly, did you know that NYS offers FREE lead testing to residential property owners? If you didn't I higly advise you to contact me that way I can help you obtain your FREE lead testing kit.

backflow certification nassau county

Backflow Certification

I Attended AAA Backflow Certification of NY to obtain my backflow certification on May 18, 2021.